Product type: WB9
The first and only security robot in the world - Made in Germany!

Relieving your security staff and increasing security. Easy operation can be done on a robot or mobile phone.

Technical specifications

  • Total height: 1662 mm
  • Total width: 534 mm
  • Total depth: 783 mm
  • Total weight without module: / kg

A 3D camera, 2D camera, Microphone array with noise canceling, Speaker, Temperature sensor
B Torso with display
C Docking station for holding functional modules
D Mobile platform


  • Friendly, automatic and contactless services
  • Intelligent face and speech recognition
  • Humanoid appearance
  • Authentication and identification
  • Position detection of people (standing / lying)
  • interactive face (head-display)
  • Telepresence/avatar functionality
  • Speech recognition and speech output
  • Operation in many languages possible
  • Temperature measurement (environment/people)
  • Docking station for functional modules
  • Mobile with integrated navigation
  • Remote maintenance via cloud
  • Simple and intuitive operation for operators
  • Operation can be done on the robot or mobile phone
  • Cloud-based operation with 4G / 5G (no intervention in third-party IT)
  • Easy relocation and adaption to new work environment.
  • Low transport and packaging costs.
  • 24/7 operation without additional personnel costs.
  • Cloud functions: user management, image storage, video storage, remote maintenance and on-air updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Available as RaaS - Robot as a Service