Product type: PCK1
Robot for sorting dirty laundry

PickClothBot - Robot for sorting dirty laundry.

The PickClothBot is able to sort dirty laundry automatically. The system is mainly used in laundries, hospitals or care facilities. It relieves employees of monotonous tasks and makes a major contribution to occupational safety, since employees no longer come into contact with contaminated laundry during the necessary sorting process.

A Removal of sorted laundry items in containers
B Display and control terminal
C Feeding of soiled laundry

The soiled laundry is brought to the robot on a feeder. The robot has a 3D camera and can recognize and grip individual pieces of laundry using 3D image processing algorithms. A data scanner is able to read information from the individual laundry items, such as color, laundry temperature or other data. The robot then sorts the laundry items according to their properties into different boxes on discharge conveyors, from where the laundry can then be washed according to type.

A Removal of sorted laundry items in bins
B Scanner for reading out laundry information
C Robot with 3D camera
D storage for empty bins


  • Automatic sorting of dirty laundry by a robot
  • 3D recognition of laundry pieces by image processing algorithms
  • Reading of data from the laundry items by means of RFID scanner
  • Sorting of laundry items according to freely definable washing criteria