Product type: IOSY1
Humanoid robotic head for advertising and entertainment

The IOSY head is a humanoid robotic head for advertising and entertainment purposes. With its integrated camera, the IOSY head recognizes people in its field of vision and automatically turns towards them by turning the head. When the IOSY head has focused on a person, images, image sequences, or videos can be displayed on the display. Images and videos can be created by the user and displayed on the IOSY head via the existing interfaces. The user-specific application is set up and controlled quickly and easily via the user interface of the touch-enabled display. As an alternative to automatic person recognition and alignment, fixed movement sequences can be programmed, which can be combined with the display of images, image sequences, or videos on the head display.


  • Handy size with an attractive design (L x W x H without neck: 24 cm x 16 cm x 23 cm, weight: approx. 3 kg).
  • Large interaction area through controlled head movements in horizontal and vertical direction (horizontal rotation ±90°, vertical rotation: +30° upwards and +20° downwards).
  • User-friendly control and operation via the 7” touch display.
  • Display of your own images or videos and easy adaptation of the existing program run through various interfaces (USB, Ethernet, W-LAN, Micro SD).
  • Many different application possibilities through own programming of movement and display sequences (Raspberry Pi-based).

Sample applications:

  • Attract attention (interaction mode): The IOSY head turns to people in the room and winking at them when they look at the robot head.
  • Provide information (info mode): Hygiene measures are shown on the display of the IOSY head, e.g. the mandatory use of face masks or instructions for correct hand disinfection.
  • Product advertising (advertising mode): For example, daily offers are advertised on the display of the IOSY head.

The IOSY head can be combined directly with the IOSY stand or can be adapted for different applications using a neck adapter. A neck adapter for table mounting, mounting on the Livelmen mannequin, and mounting on 30° inclined surfaces are available. For the power supply of the IOSY head a classic and a mobile variant are available. The front panel and the auricle can be varied in color. In addition, special auricle are available in which glasses can be attached to the IOSY head and thus give the appearance a special touch.

A IOSY head without neck and without external power supply
B Power bank (52,800 Ah) for the mobile power supply of the IOSY head (min. 8 hours)
C Auricle with glasses holder
D Table power supply (230V, 60W)
E Neck adapter for mounting on slopes of 30°
F Neck adapter for mounting on the Livelmen mannequin
G Neck adapter for table mounting
H IOSY stand

In combination with the IOSY stand, further equipment options are possible. A screen, dispenser, or table can be attached to the waist. Together with the IOSY head, an integral, ideal advertising and information medium is created. Customers can be specifically informed or products can be advertised.

Sample Applications:

  • Dispenser: Holder and dispenser, e.g. for disinfectants, masks.
  • Screen: Display of information and advertising (user-created images, image sequences, or videos possible).
  • Table: Presentation of advertising and information material.