2020 Capital: Germany’s most innovative company

Berlin, March 2020 - Capital 03/20: “Germany’s most innovative company”. They create new things and change their industries: that’s pi4. Many talk about progress. But which companies really create new things and also implement the ideas? With the data analysts from Statista, the business magazine Capital has identified pi4_robotics GmbH as one of the most innovative mechanical engineering companies in Germany.

2019 Innovator of the year

2018 Innovator of the year

2016 next47 / Siemens challenge winner

2016 Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Prize

2016 Robotics Award second winner

2016 Best of Industry Award

2015 Innovation Award Berlin-Brandenburg finalist

2014 Handling Award Top Ten

2011 eurobotics TechTransfer Award finalist

2011 TechStar

2010 MM Award