2021 Capital: Germany’s most innovative company

Berlin, February 2021 - The Berlin-based robotics company pi4_robotics GmbH was honored with an innovation award for the fifth time in February 2021, the 13th award so far received by the company. The magazine Capital awarded the company pi4_robotics for being one of the most innovative companies in Germany in the category “mechanical engineering / up to 250 employees”. More…

2020 Capital: Germany’s most innovative company

Berlin, March 2020 - Capital 03/20: “Germany’s most innovative company”. They create new things and change their industries: that’s pi4. Many talk about progress. But which companies really create new things and also implement the ideas? With the data analysts from Statista, the business magazine Capital has identified pi4_robotics GmbH as one of the most innovative mechanical engineering companies in Germany.

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