Product type: RFM4
Bin Picking and Inspection

Robofeeder-BP – Bin Picking and feeding

Customer benefits

  • 3D position recognition at the highest level by combining surface-based and contour-based matching algorithms
  • Robust position detection
  • Automatic calculation of the optimal robot path
  • Bin Picking can be simulated virtueally
  • Scalable self-sufficient time by adjusting the conveyor belt length
  • Control of orientation and quality with separate 2D image processing
  • Fully automatic turning station

The Robofeeder-BP combines the capabilities of separating, sorting and quality inspection of parts in one machine. Your production parts are fed by a high-performance bin picking feeder into the correct position and precisely deposited on the delivery table or the next machine by a robot.

The quality inspection of the parts according to your individual specifications can be performed “on the fly” within the work process.

Parts that do not meet your quality requirements are sorted out immediately.

Technical specifications

Machine size L x B x H 4 196 x 2 369 x 2 896 mm
Cycle time typical 4-6s
Weight 250 kg