Product type: WB4CON
A Robot for welcoming, registration, instruction, and information of visitors

A Robot with interaction head, camera, microphone and speakers
B Touch Screen (Display and confirmation of instructions and privacy policy by signature)
C ID card scanner (German national identity card)
D Plastic card printer (visitor cards, access cards)
E Robot arm with safety gripper (handover of plastic cards to the visitors)

The Workerbot4 Concierge is a robot for welcoming, registration, instruction, and information of visitors.

The Workerbot4 Concierge notices visitors in the reception area and greets them visually with his face on the head and acoustically with a pleasant voice. An intelligent voice control guides the visitors through the registration process. This process is supported by movements of the robot arm as well as by the interactive head with facial expressions.

The identity of the visitor is verified by scanning the German national identity card and comparing it with the real camera image of the visitor. Face recognition also allows visitors who have already registered to be recognized. Via the interface to the visitor management software WELCOME, the robot can check whether the visitor has an appointment and, if so, it can register the visitor and inform the host about the arrival of his guests.

During the registration process, the visitor is informed about configurable guidelines (security, data protection) on the Touch Screen and can confirm them with a signature on it. After successful registration, the robot hands the visitor a visitor/access card and provides further information for the visitor, for example where the waiting area is located. The use of the visitor management software WELCOME is a prerequisite for the overall functionality of the Workerbot4 Concierge.


  • Friendly, automatic and contactless visitor registration.
  • First registration in less than 3 minutes.
  • Visitor identification.
  • Intelligent face and speech recognition.
  • Automated and digital instruction and signature process.
  • Simple and intuitive operation for operators and visitors.
  • Operation in many languages possible.
  • Cloud-based operation with 4G / 5G (no intervention in third-party IT)
  • Easy relocation and adaption to new work environment.
  • Low transport and packaging costs.
  • 24/7 operation without additional personnel costs.