Product type: WB6P
Logistics robot for the factory

Workerbot6p - Logistics robot for the factory

With the help of the workerbot6p logistics tasks in a production can be automated. The robot can recognize parts e.g. in a tray and take them out of the tray with its gripper. A gripper station with vacuum or mechanical gripper is available for different types of parts at the back side of the robot. The gripper can be changed automatically.

E Gripper and 3D camera
D Gripper station for different grippers
C articulated arm robot
B Master Control Unit, Image processing Unit, Vacuum Unit, Power Unit
A Mobile robot

The robot can idendify the part to be gripped by means of a QR code and then localize it using its 3D image processing algorithms. After selecting the appropriate gripper, the parts are automatically picked from the tray or a deposit. For transport, the robot arm is moved into a special pose and the automatic travel to the target position starts.


  • can move independently within the factory
  • autonomous avoidance of obstacles
  • orientation by means of a created digital map
  • gripping of parts by vacuum suction cup or with mechanical 2- or 3-finger gripper
  • automatic recognition of parts by 3D camera with image processing algorithms
  • recognition of part number by QR or barcode reader
  • suitable for UR3(e), UR5(e) or UR10(e) robots
  • power supply via integrated rechargeable battery
  • automatic battery charging at docking station