Product type: WB3DJ
Fully automated DJ robot

Workerbot3 DJ - Fully automated DJ robot

The greatest robot in the world! Its mission: to put a smile on people’s faces. Its tools: music and dancing movements.

The fully automated DJ robot is a symbiosis between art and robot technology. It can be used in the art, entertainment and event sector. In exhibitions, clubs and on cruise ships it can make people stow away, interact with them and release emotions.


  • futuristic, fully movable upper body, movable arms, movable head
  • 15 driven axes
  • 5 finger hands with gripping function
  • eye display to show emotions
  • heartbeat light
  • camera for the recognition of persons
  • 2 DJ turntables
  • over 1000 individually controllable LEDs for illumination
  • all movements are freely programmable
  • integrated safety technology, CE declaration
  • unattended 24 hour operation possible

In cooperation with pfadfinderei.