Product type: RFM2
High Speed feeding

Robofeeder-HA - High speed feeding of parts

Customer benefits

  • high speed version
  • cycle time up to 0,8 seconds
  • Independent provision of parts over several hours
  • Separation of parts by oscillating motion
  • Inspection of user-defined features with camera systems
  • Feeding of good parts 24/7

A 2 high speed robots
B quadruple feeder
C quadruple vision unit
D product transfer

The Robofeeder-HA combines the capabilities of separating, sorting and quality inspection of parts in one machine. Your production parts are fed by a high-performance vibratory feeder into the correct position and precisely deposited on the delivery table by a robot.

The Robofeeder-HA is a high speed machine with cycle times up to 0.8 seconds per part. Parts that do not meet your quality requirements are sorted out immediately.

This means that even the smallest parts can always be deposited with the highest precision. The Robofeeder-HA thus offers the highest possible performance for your handling and inspection process, seven days a week, 24 hours a day - and that with control and correction efforts reduced to an absolute minimum.

Even the setup of new production parts is possible without the need for extensive training in the machine software. The pi4_control control software can be operated intuitively.