Product type: WB8
Automatic testing of electronic assemblies

Workerbot8 - Automatic testing of electronic assemblies


Customer benefits

  • Open system concept
  • Fast and safe test system Coupling and uncoupling
  • Parallel testing of different types of printed circuit boards
  • Monitoring of all contact forces by force sensor
  • Integration of the test system, manual and automatic testing possible
  • Safety concept with optical safety fence/light curtain

Robot handling system for the automatic testing of electronic assemblies with optimal comfortable accessibility by means of a a safety concept without protective fence. High utilization of your test systems due to fast, safe and easy connection. The testers are mechanically fixed and coupled with the communication and safety system of the overall system. This allows plug-and-play connection of different testers to the system. The test robot recognizes the connected test system via digital identification. The test systems can be disconnected and operated separately and manually for small series.

Up to two test systems can be docked simultaneously. These can test either the same or different products at the same time. Three magazines are provided for each tester. One magazine for feeding PCBs (printed circuit boards), a second magazine for PCBs that have been tested and found to be OK and a third magazine for not OK (NIO) tested PCBs.

The six magazines can be operated manually or optionally with loading and unloading by automated guided vehicles (AGV). The magazine types are optionally recognized with RFID or code readers. The integrated robot automatically removes the PCBs from the printed circuit boards from the magazines. Alignment and position tolerances of the PCBs in the magazines are detected by optical sensors in the gripper and automatically gripper.

The forces acting on the product during the entire handling process are measured by a force sensor installed in the robot’s wrist.

Technical specifications

Machine size L x B x H 3 760 x 2 850 x 2 600 mm
Robot reach 850 mm
Max. board weight 3 kg