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Single-arm service and industry robot with integrated image processing



The workerbot4™ can be used for factory work as well as for service tasks. Its location flexibility is remarkable: The workerbot4™ can be rolled to its workplace like a shopping trolley (max. weight including all available options approx. 150kg). With the new pi4_control™ software the workerbot4™ can be set up fully operational in less than one hour. No programming knowledge required. There are as a result numerous application possibilities
and workplaces for the workerbot4™ that have been so far reserved only for humans. The operating concept of the workerbot4™ is based on greatest possible simplification and autonomy.The head for example is equipped with integrated image processing and facial recognition*, so that the workerbot4 ™ can e.g. recognize its operating staff and e.g. follow people by viewing the entire room.


Using spoken output, the workerbot4™ can make contact with its environment and, for example, verbally communicate status reports, and by means of language recognition software*, workerbot4™ is even able to receive verbal instructions. The workerbot4 ™ works by remote control in the avatar mode.










Product Variants workerbot4™

The new robot generation pays off above all for companies with a smaller production volume. Not only that less time is needed to learn new actions: The robot can be used flexibly at different locations and can be rolled to the required workplace.


  • Teaching < 1 hour
  • Recognizing and pressing keys - no IO (input-output) equipment coupling required.
  • Detection of products for grasping.
  • Recognition and grasping of products and grippers.
  • Completion of protocols “by hand” - with a ballpoint pen.
  • Recognition and reaction to signal lamps.
  • No external compressed air connection needed.
  • Transport without additional means of support.
  • Electricity supply: 230V shock-proof socket with earthprotected contacts.
  • By means of its optional sensor technolgy, the workerbot4 ™ security can detect and notify presence of explosives and radioactivity.
  • With its person recognition software, it can be coupled with e.g. police data banks in order to provide support in search for persons and dangers.
  • Avatar function: The workerbot4™ can in addition independently connect with an alarm center and can then receive support from humans, who can contact the person at the robot via the workerbot4™ sensor and actuation systems.
  • Reminder function: The workerbot4™ can ensure older
    people take their medicine or beverages on time and can
    optionally provide tablets so that mistakes are no longer
  • optionally with filled level status sensor for beverages
  • gripper for beverage containers.
  • Interaction with guests and customers, via spoken output and facial recognition.

• optionally with business card scanner
• ballpoint pen to sign documents


 weight  approx. 264.5 lb
 load capacity  approx. 6.6 lb
 range of arm  19.7 in
 speed  120°/s²
 repeatability  +/- 0.0039 in
 axis  6
 power supply  100 - 240 V 16 A
 IP protection class (arm)  IP 54
 height  approx. 68.8 in