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Efficiency EL for Thin-Film Modules

(CIGS und CdTe Technology)





This system is designed to be integrated into a production line. Inspection can be carried out before or after lamination. High-resolution EL images are acquired automatically to be either visually inspected on the monitor or evaluated fully automatically by means of highly reliable algorithms.


  • module size: from 1000mm x 2000mm
  • modules enter on conveyer with the short or long edge first
  • low conveyer height, adjustable from 930 mm upward
  • short cycle times beginning with 10s, including handling and module contacting
  • reliable fully automatic inspection that dependably detects micro-cracks and grid finger defects
  • various interfaces, SQL database, MES
  • PV-Ident™ – a fingerprint of your module

Machine design


The machine concept of in-line EL inspection systems incorporates all our 20-years experience in the area of machine engineering.


  • secure and precise handling of modules
  • absolutely light-tight systems with pneumatically controlled sliding gates
  • fully air-conditioned machine construction for the best repeating accuracy
  • precise and gentle automatic contacting of modules
  • using only high-end components of renowned manufacturers
  • flexible adapting of interfaces
  • saving energy as well as working space


Basic system features of thin-film inspection systems:


  • modules enter on conveyor belts – with the “sunny side down”
  • gates close automatically
  • image of the entire module is acquired by pneumatically moving cameras
  • defects are automatically detected by means of comprehensive software algorithms
  • inspection results with allocated defects can be stored for each module
  • protocol containing information about all defects can be printed for the purpose of repairing
  • images are stored in the circular buffer on hard disc



EL systems for thin-film modules by pi4 operate on the basis of the software platform pi4_control, which can be operated intuitively. The EL power supply unit and all parameters for image acquisition can be controlled via the software.

Inspection result in the operator’s view

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