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Module solution for surface examination of gloss parts

Currently, a comprehensive quality control of arbitrarily shaped gloss parts
mainly take place by visual inspection of the production lines, although this
requires a lot of staff and training. This is also subject to strong fluctuations. The
reason is that there are high hurdles for a comprehensive audit automation.
The reasons for this are the curved and shiny specimen surface as well as the
computer-aided detection and the quality mark of human perception.

In order to accomplish this task for manufacturers, offers the robotics and
machine vision specialist pi4 a fully integrated audit system. This inspected
the decorative and functional quality of gloss parts to 100 percent visually.
It detects and classifies the various system defects up to a size of at least 0.1
mm and enabling the high quality requirements for visible surfaces in the
automotive and consumer sector. The teaching of new products is easy with
the CAD data (STEP) of the test piece. Subsequently, different test zones can
be defined. Another special feature is the feeding of parts that can be done
in many different ways.

In this way, all scenarios are covered by a manual through to productionintegrated,
fully automated feeder. Thus, the test system can grow with the
level of automation in your production and ensures sustainable investment.
You can achieve 100 percent control so even with a manual production line
and thus having all your production and product quality in mind.

pi4 provides also for the advanced automation of manual jobs the workerbot.
This served by its humanoid design the audit system on existing workplace
and done new tasks by product changes flexibly and universally.