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glass scan 1000

pi4_glass scan 1000 at a production line for insulated glass

Detecting and rectifying errors in time – that would optimize the production process and save money. pi4_glass scan systems do exactly this – with an unmatched reliability on account of their smart cameras.


This system can detect:

  • scratches and micro-lines
  • contaminations and finger prints
  • coating flaws (pin holes and reflexes)
  • bubbles and inclusions
  • ripples, PVB interlayer defects
  • glue residuals and glass corrosion


It can inspect:

  • float glass, with or without coating, up to 19mm thickness
  • solar glass, etched and anti-reflection coated glass
  • laminated glass, up to 19mm thickness
  • toughened glass
  • fire-resistant glass
  • solar control glass
  • display and other special glass


Based on praxis-oriented and easily adjustable criteria, the system determines which plate is faulty and which is not. This automatic inspection ensures a constantly high product quality – irrespective of the personnel employed; manual flaw detection is no longer required. pi4_glass scan systems can be used in many areas.

Product information

No matter if small-size display glass or glass with 6m tape measure - pi4_glass scan systems are scalable and can be used in both horizontal and vertical production lines. Glass panes are inspected at the full speed of production; our inspection systems do not intervene into the production process itself.

Easy to operate

Properties and the inspection result for each pane are displayed on the monitor. The images are presented in different colours – it cannot be simpler! This way all flaws can be localized at once. Sensitivity of the system to defects to be found can be adjusted with a single key stroke. This renders time- and money-consuming training of the personnel superfluous.

Quick access to inspection data

All inspection images and information can be stored unlimitedly. You can view the stored inspection results simply using a web browser. You need no initial training; an integrated evaluation quickly shows detailed statistics on the detected flaws.

Easy data exchange

pi4_glass scan systems can link inspection results with available production data, show and store this information. This provides you with multiple possibilities to optimize your manufacturing process.

Reliability and service

pi4_glass scan systems have but a few parts that are subject to wear and hence can be used in a harsh production environment. All maintaining works are simple and can be carried out by your personnel themselves. In addition, pi4_glass scan systems are equipped with a network-based remote maintenance device. This saves you time and money.

Product characteristics

  • reliable flaw detection and intelligent evaluation of glass quality
  • more cost-efficient than conventional line-scan cameras
  • can inspect various glass types – architectural glass, solar glass, special glass
  • inspection at minimum cycle time and various speeds
  • no intervention in production process
  • with minimum requirements for space and low-maintenance
  • easy to operate
  • possible to integrate into the existing production data acquisition and information systems

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