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The MiRHook200™ is the reinforcement for your MiR200™ robot. The already remarkable payload of the MiR200™ is increased by the MiRHook™200 up to 500kg. Therefore the  MiR200™ becomes an expert for heavy duty transports in your production site.

Even ramps up to  5% incline may be used safely and with ease. (The MiRHook™200 is of course separately available as an additional accessory.)

  • Ideal for weighty or unwieldy cargos.


  • Collects and delivers an unlimited number of carts.


  • Safely and efficiently manoeuvres around people and obstacles


  • Identifies carts by QR markers and autonomously transports them as you define.


  • Requires no changes to existing facility.
lenght 1180 - 1275 mm (highest to lowest positions)
width 580 mm
height 550 to 900 mm (lowest to highest positions)
weight (without load): 103 kg
load on cart: Up to 500 kg at <1% incline - 300 kg at 5% incline
height above floor: Robot: 50 mm; Gripping height: 50 - 390 mm
running time: 8 - 10 hours or 15 - 20 km (depending on load)
maximum speed: 1.1 m/s (4 km/h)
turning radius (without cart): 520 mm (around center of robot)
swinging radius (with cart) Total lenght of robot and cart plus 550 mm
positioning accuracy (placing cart) +/- 200 mm from center of position, 10° accuracy
Maximum dimensions of cart:
lenght 500 to 2400 mm
width 400 to 1500 mm
height 200 to 2000 mm