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The MiRHook™ not only increases the payload of your MiR, but also extends its spectrum of capabilities: Trailers and trolleys up to 300 kg total weight are transported safely, fast and independently with the MiRHook™. The operation is foolproof, you only have to enter the measurement of your trailer to the MiR software and the robot is ready to manoeuvre with his trailer around persons, obstacles and even over ramps. (The MiRHook™ is of course separately available as an additional accessory.)



  • Collects and delivers unlimited number of carts.
  • Enhances production flow to increase productivity.
  • Redeploys staff from pushing carts to higher-value activities.
  • Safely and efficiently manoeuvres around people and obstacles.
  • Requires no changes to existing facility.
  • Provided with changeable hook gripper.
  • Needs no prior programming experience.
  • Identifies carts by QR markers and autonomously transports them as you define.


lenght 1180 - 1270 mm (highest to lowest positions)
width 580 mm
height 550 to 900 mm (lowest to highest positions)
weight (without load): 97 kg
load on cart: up to 300 kg incline <1% - 200 kg at 5% incline max.)
load surface: 600 mm x 800 mm
height above floor: Robot: 50 mm; Gripping height: 50 - 90 mm
running time: 8 - 10 hours or 15 - 20 km (depending on load)
maximum speed: 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h)
turning radius (without cart): 520 mm (around center of robot)
swinging radius (with cart) Total lenght of robot and cart plus 550 mm
positioning accuracy (placing cart) +/- 200 mm from center of position, 10° accuracy
Maximum dimensions of cart:
lenght 500 to 2400 mm
width 400 to 1500 mm
height 200 to 2000 mm