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The core, or to put it another way: The brain of your MiR fleet. Supported by the MiRFleet™ Software, up to 100 MiR robots may be programmed and coordinated.


The MiRFleet™ is a software tool to manage your MiR robots centrally. The prioritization of tasks as well as the selection of the best suited robot for the task is made automatically by the MiRFleet™.


MIRFleet™ prevents effectively idle times, takes care of continuity and maintains optimal capacity utilization of your robots. MiRFleet™ keeps always an eye on the different battery charge levels of the single robots and cares for timely battery charging. In case of a malfunction of a robot, or if a robot finds himself in front of an insurmountable obstacle, you will be notified immediately by the MiRFleet™ software via SMS or e-mail.


Top of the line: The robots communicate via MiRFleet™ with each other to exchange their environment data. So, if i.e. a single robot has explored a new room inside the facility, the map will be transferred to every other robot of your fleet. Hence every robot of your fleet gets the knowledge of every other robot in your fleet. (Having regard to users' rights and data protection)




  • Centralized control of robots throughout your facility from a single, user-friendly, web-based interface.

  • Assigns priorities and coordinates orders to multiple robots.

  • Supports differentiated access levels for users.

  • SMS or e-mail notification in case of malfunctions or obstacles.

  • Integrates and manages external resources through PLC web module.

  • Establishes battery levels for automatic recharging.

  • Coordinates critical zones with multiple robot intersections.