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The MiR100™ is the first of a new generation of autonomous, mobile Robots. His payload of 100 kg is revolutionizig the way how materials and products are transported within the production and storage chain.

With a maximum speed of up to 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h) the robot navigates safely around moving and non moving obstacles, up to 10 hours in a row or 20 km, without having a break.


  • Eliminates material flow bottlenecks to increase productivity.

  • Allows emplyees to focus on high value activities, not deliveries.

  • Safely and efficiently maneuvers around people and obstacles.

  • Requires no changes to existing facility.

  • Can be redeployed for different tasks with various top modules.

  • Easily programmed, with no prior experience needed.

  • Transports payloads up to 100 kg (220 lbs)

  • Supports the transport of loads up to 300 kg (661 lbs) with the MiRHook.

  • Offers fast return on investment in as little as one year.


length x width x height: 890 mm x 580 mm x 352 mm
weight (without load): 62,5 kg
robot payload: 100 kg (maximum 5% incline)
load surface: 600 mm x 800 mm
height above floor: 50 mm
running time: 10 hours or 20 km
maximum speed: forwards: 1,5 m/s (5,4 km/h)
backwards: 0,3 m/s (1 km/h)
turning radius: 520 mm (around center of robot)
W-LAN: dualband wireless, AC/G/N/B
Bluetooth 4.0 LE, range: 10–20 m
I/O's: USB and Ethernet