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MiR - Mobile Industrial Robots



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Mobile Industrial Robots is a leading manufacturer of collaborative, mobile and safe robots from Denmark. The use of AMR's (autonomous mobile robots) in the area of intralogistics, can unleash an enormous amount of human ressources. The increased efficiency of inhouse transports leads to very short payback periods, often less than one year.

The MiR's are not only very flexible and easy to use, but also the MiR's sophisticated sensor technology guarantees to operate them absolutely safe. The ingenious combination of different sensor technologies -laser, camera and ultrasonic- enables the MiR's to reliably evade obstacles like moving persons, immobile items and even transparent obstacles, i.e. such as glass doors. Should a MiR-robot find himself in front of an insurmountable obstacle, or should he have any other disturbance, the MiR will notify you immediately via SMS or e-mail.

For the programming procedure, the MiR's are equipped with an intuitive user-interface, that doesn't afford any programming knowledge. A whole fleet of MiR's may be programmed and coordinated by means of the centralized control system. Through this, up to one hundred MiR's can collaborate as a team in a useful manner, regardless the accessories they are equipped with: The system decides automatically and independently which robot is suitable for the upcoming tasks.

External resources like automatic loading devices or elevators, may be embedded by an integrated PLC-module. The system always keeps track of the different battery charge levels - and the highest possible degree of automation is preserved continuously.